Industrial Profile




Adilabad District is district Northern region of Telangana, it is the gateway to the South India.  Adilabad district is occupy an area of 4185.97 Sq Kms.  As of 2011 census of India the District has population of 7,08,952.  The main function of District Industries Centre (DIC), Adilabad is to assist Micro, Small, Medium, Large Scale and Village Industries Sector to generate employment opportunities in the manufacturing and servicing sector and acting as nodal agency to deal with all requirements of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The District Industries Centre has undertaken various programmes for Investment promotion at the grass root level such as organizing Entrepreneur Development Programs and Workshops, extending support for trade fairs and exhibitions organized by various Industrial Associations.


Agriculture Resources:            Cotton, Soya, Redgram ground nut,  pluses, jawar, vegetables and Paddy at utnoor.

Opportunities for Agro Processing Units:  Pulses processing Mills, Dall Mills, Soya Products, Edible Oil, Cotton Seed Oil units, Seed Processing units for value addition.  There is a scope of establishment of Textile Cluster (Ginning and Pressing Cluster).  Mini Cold Storages for preservation vegetables.

Horticulture                 :           Tomato, Gua, Green Chilly,

Opportunities for Horticulture Units:  High Value vegetable cultivation, floriculture in poly houses is happening in a big way and the district is identified as potential for high value vegetables and floriculture.  There is a scope for Tomato processing units, at Gudihathnoor, Indervelly, Utnoor and Adilabad mandals.

Forest Resources:  The Forest wealth such as Tamarind, Beedi leave, utnoor and Honey Processing at Utnoor.        

Opportunities for Forest  Units:     There is a scope for set up starch units from Tamarind Seeds, Bee keeping units.  Cold Storage units for storage of the Tamarind, Chilly and Vegetables

Mineral Resources    :     Building Stone and Road Metals (Bheempur, Thamsi, Jainath, Talamadugu,                                                                       Adilabad, Mavala, Bazarhathnoor, Ichoda, Gudihathnoor, Utnoor)

                                                 Manganese: (Adilabad, Bela, Thamsi, Jainath)

                                                 Limestone:   (Bela, Thamsi, Adilabad)

                                                 Laterite    :   (Narnoor and Gadhiguda)

Opportunities for Mineral based  Units:     There is a rapid growth in construction activities which required establishment of new stone crushers. Compare to occurance of manganese ore in other areas of country, the manganese ore available in Adilabad District is of less phosphorus content, so which is more beneficial to ferro manganese / ferro alloy industry.

Tourism                      :       Kuntala Water Falls, Pochera Water Falls and Jainath Temple

There is opportunity for establishing the service sectors unit like Hotels, Resorts, Eco-tourism at Kuntala and Pochera of Neradigonda Mandal

Infrastructure          :      Adilabad District having excellent infrastructure facilities and is widely connected by road and rail.  Adilabad district located in the middle of Hyderabad Nagpur National Highway, which improves the exports from the District. N.H.No.44 passing of 4 way lines in Adilabad District 52 Kms from neredigonda mandal to Penganga river.  There is railway line at Adilabad available, in cotton season the cotton bales and cotton seed cake transporting through railway from Adilabad to Mumbai,  Coimbatore and Surat.

Industrial Estate :

1)   There is one Industrial Estate located at Dasnapur, Adilabad, but no plots / sheds are vacant (under control of TSIIC)

2)   Tribal Mini Industrial Estate at Utnoor, under the control of ITDA, Utnoor.

3)   Most of the Ginning & Pressing, Cotton Seed Oil units established from Adilabad to Ponnari which is called          as Light Industrial Area, Rampur, Adilabad

As per the survey of TSIIC an 846 Acres of land identified for establishment of new Industries in the District.

Water Resources  :

  • Penganga, Kupti Kaddam River, Jila Vagu, Mathadi Vagu, Sathnala, Mathidi Project at Waddadi(V), Thamsi (M), Degaon Project at Degaon (V), Bazarhathnoor (M).
  • Nagapur Project at Nagapur (V), Utnoor (M), Mathidiguda Tank at Utnoor.

Electricity :                132/33 KV Substations – 3 (Ichoda, Adilabad, Utnoor)

                                       33/11 KV Substations – 38

Financial Institutions /   :      All commercial banks like SBH, SBI, Andhra Bank,

Commercial Banks              Bank of Maharashtra, Union Bank of India,  Bank of Baroda, Private Banks like Karur Vysya Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Laxmi Vilas Banks, Bank of Baroda, Deccan Grameena Banks and ADCC Banks are available in rural areas.

Educational Institutions:       I.T.I.s located at Adilabad & Utnoor mandals, Polytechnic College at Adilabad.

Sl.  No. Name of the Product Total investment in lakhs (Approx.) Employment Suggested Mandals (Places)
Food Based Industries      
1 Modern Rice Mill 25 10 Utnoor
2 Mini Modern Rice Mill 15 5 Ichoda, Bazarhathnoor
3 Edible Oil Expellers 10 5  Narnoor, Gadiguda, Sirikonda, Indervelly, Neradigonda, Jainath
4 Rice flakes 10 10 Utnoor. Adilabad
5 Bread Bakery 20 6 Utnoor, Adilabad, Ichoda, Boath
6 Ice Candy / Ice Creams 20 10 Narnoor, Indervelly, Boath, Jainath, Bela, Gudihathnoor &Neradigonda
7 Dall Mill 50 25 Narnoor, Indervelly, Gudihathnoor, Ichoda
Mineral Based Industries
8 Stone Crushing (Mech.Operation) 75 20 Adilabad, Narnoor, Utnoor, Ichoda, Boath, Neradigonda, Thamsi, Talamadugu
9  Stone Crusher 40 15 Adilabad, Narnoor, Utnoor, Ichoda, Boath, Neradigonda, Thamsi, Talamadugu
10 Cement Products 20 15 Utnoor, Ichoda, Gudihathnoor
11 Fly Ash Bricks 25 20 Utnoor, Narnoor, Gudihathnoor, Neradigonda, Ichoda, Indervelly
Agriculture Based Industries
12  Cold Storage 200 20 Adilabad,  Ichoda,Gudihathnur
13 Cattle feed / Poultry Feed 20 10 Adilabad, Utnoor
14 General Engineering & Fabrication / Agriculture Implements 10 5 All Mandals
15 Steel & Aluminum Furniture 10 10  Gudihathnoor, Narnoor, Utnoor, Ichoda, Bela
16 Leather Products 10 5  Indervelly, Adilabad, Ichoda, Utnoor
17 Tyre Retreading 25 10 Adilabad, Utnoor, Ichoda
18 Paper Glass & Paper Plates 10 5 All mandals


Agriculture Based Industries
12  Cold Storage 200 20 Adilabad,  Ichoda,Gudihathnur
13 Cattle feed / Poultry Feed 20 10 Adilabad, Utnoor
14 General Engineering & Fabrication / Agriculture Implements 10 5 All Mandals
15 Steel & Aluminum Furniture 10 10  Gudihathnoor, Narnoor, Utnoor, Ichoda, Bela
16 Leather Products 10 5  Indervelly, Adilabad, Ichoda, Utnoor
17 Tyre Retreading 25 10 Adilabad, Utnoor, Ichoda
18 Paper Glass & Paper Plates 10 5 All mandals
Agriculture Based Industries
1 Cotton Ginning & Pressing 5 Crores Approx. 30 Utnoor, Narnoor, Indervelly, Ichoda
2 Spinning Mill 100 Crores Approx. 120 Adilabad
3 Cloth Weaving & Knitting 500 Crores Approx. 500 Adilabad
4  Solar Power Plant (25 MW) 200 Crores Approx 150 Adilabad


Large & Medium Units:     1) M/s. G.M.R. Spintex, Fouzpur(V), Bela (M)
2) M/s. Astalaxmi Spinning Mills, I.A. Adilabad

Small Units                             27 Ginning & Pressing Units with 1190 Gins and 32 presses

                                                      65 Cotton Seed Oil units with 242 expellers

Under implementation :   8 Cotton Ginning & Pressing units are under implementation in Small Category.


  • Total No of Applications : 95
  • Total No. of approvals applied : 124
  • Total No. of approvals approved : 100
  • Pending With Departments / Under Process : 02
  • Rejected : 11
  • Query raised by the Departments : 08

Sick Unit : M/s. Cement Corporation of India, Adilabad
Referred to BIFR.

Requirement for Revival:  1) Modernization of Technology machines are required
2) Increasing Production capacity from 1200 TPD to 3000 TPD
3) Construct and extend the Broad Guage Railway Line upto CCI plan (Approx.01 KM)
4) Working Capital is required approx. an amount of Rs.300 to Rs.400 crores for                                                                        running the CCI plant
5) Required skilled labours and regular employees

Skills Available                      There is one Polytechnic & one ITI college is there,

From the above institutions the following skilled persons are available Electricians, Welders, Fitters, Turners, Greessers, there is large number of Auto Mechanics, General Engg. Workers and migrated cement brick workers available, carpentries, masonry, painters, drivers, sculptures, doffers, siders

Skilled Workers Working :

  • For 27 Ginning and Pressing units approximately 600 workers are working (for 18 Double Rolled Ginnings,      1 Fitter, 1 Electrician, 20 labours, 10 office and management workers are working)
  • For 65 Cotton Seed Oil Industries, approximately 900 workers are working.
  • M/s. G.M.R. Spintex, Fouzpur(V), Jainath (M), approximately 750 workers are working.
    M/s. Asthalaxmi Spinning Mills, I.A. Adilabad, approximately working 520 workers are working

E.D.P: Conducting EDP programmes for entrepreneurship for un-employed youth.

C.D.P.: There is a scope for developing Cotton Ginning and Pressing Cluster at Adilabad.